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Click here                       to watch Pia Mellody discuss her methodology for developing a treatment modality for the patients at THE MEADOWS.  BTS would like to know:

1655 North Tegner Street
Wickenburg, AZ  85390
Telephone:  1-800-632-3697

Licenses & Staff Credentials

1.)  A multi-disorder facility, The Meadows is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as a Level 1 Psychiatric Acute Hospital  with full JCAHO standards compliance.  The Meadows is licensed to provide the following services:  Crisis Services, Detoxification Services, Restraint or Seclusion and Partial Care.  This is the renown hospital in Wickenburg, AZ that has treated such Hollywood celebrities and public figures as Rush Limbaugh, Cindy McCain (Senator John McCain's wife), Eric Benet and supermodels Elle MacPherson and Kate Moss.

2.)  Per The Meadows' marketing, their Staff consists of:  Pia Mellody, Claudia Black, Terrence Real, John Bradshaw, Maureen Canning (Fulton), Peter A. Levine and Bessel A. van der Kolk.  These seven individuals comprise what The Meadows refers to as "Pioneers in Recovery."*    Since they are clearly marketed as  "Staff," one would logically conclude that these individuals are based at The Meadows, on premises  and accessible to all  patients.    However,  BTS has  learned otherwise.   Thus, we are interested in knowing if, when and/or how often these individuals, or "Staff," are physically on campus and with whom do  they interact while there?  BTS welcomes this information to be added to this web site.  We firmly believe, as in other industries (i.e. automotive, insurance, etc.)  and for the protection of the general public, that full and truthful disclosure is crucial and the legal and ethical standard  to  which the marketing of  a hospital, treatment facility and/or caregiver must comply.  Click the red "GO" button below for more information.   (*Sources:   Psychotherapy Networker Magazine and The Meadows'  various marketing materials and web site).

3.)  Current CEO, Robert Fulton, began his employment at The Meadows as a Counselor.  A former Catholic Priest and past Director of Priest Health Services for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY (Suffolk County), there appears to be no other easily accessible/verifiable credentials available for him ( i.e. academic degrees/achievements, professional licenses, etc.).  BTS welcomes this information so that it may be added to this web site.  NOTE:  For verification of his past employment, click the "GO" button below  to access the Bishop Accountability web site and search for "Robert Fulton."

4.)  Robert Fulton  is married to Maureen Canning (Fulton),  longtime staff member at The Meadows and now Clinical Director of DAKOTA:  The Meadows'  Extended Care Program for Sexual Recovery.  Per The Meadows' marketing, Maureen Canning (Fulton)  holds an unspecified  M.A. degree, an L.M.F.T. and is a Level II E.M.D.R-trained therapist and a certified hypnotherapist.

5.) According to The Meadows' marketing, Pia Mellody,  "the author of several extraordinary books" and one of their "Pioneers in the field of recovery," developed theories on the effects of childhood trauma that became the foundation for The Meadows'  programs. Marketed as a "preeminent authority, lecturer and educator in the fields of addictions and relationships,"    whose  work has "profoundly influenced the treatment of addictions, " Pia Mellody's only known and  listed credentials are an R.N. (Registered Nursing) certification and C.A.C. (Certified Addictions Counselor)*  BTS has been unable to identify  her possession of any academic degrees:  i.e. a  Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Ph.D.,  etc. and eagerly welcomes this  information if any exists.  
(*Source: The Meadows' marketing brochure).  

Pia Mellody
Maureen Canning Fulton
1.)  To what is Pia Mellody referring when she says, "...Oh, I'll get all the patients to come in  here and talk to me about this stuff going on?"
2.)  What does Pia Mellody mean when she says, "... so I'd make up what they should do 'cause that was easy?"
3.)  Is Pia Mellody stating that she sent patients home to do or try something that she,  herself or clinically, hadn't already tested or tried?
4.)  From  therapeutic and medical perspectives, are Pia Mellody's methods legitimate and ethical?

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Per her quote to/in and, Maureen looks "...for a way in, the point that hurts the most.  Then you go for the jugular."
BTS would like to know if this is  how Maureen Canning Fulton and her staff will treat patients - CEO's or others -  who choose to rehab at DAKOTA, particularly those who are already self-flagellating, in crisis and in emotional pain?



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THE MEADOWS by patients and/or their surviving families, as well as BURNE  vs. THE MEADOWS.   Read about this particular case,  its Mediation process and   how it all  sparked the  creation and establishment of this organization:  Break the Silence (BTS).

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Click here                            to watch an on-site,  video tour of  THE MEADOWS  of Wickenburg  recorded for the 2005 lawsuit:  BURNE v. THE MEADOWS.  This is a rare opportunity to see inside this remote and private facility. 

At right is a photo of a typical patient room on the Kiva (Acute) Wing at THE MEADOWS of Wickenburg.  Click on the photo to enlarge.  To view a video tour of this Unit, click on the "TOUR" button below.