What are the functions of internet protocol?          

Nowadays everyone is using the internet but none of them trying to know about what is going on in the background. So the first thing they should know is what their internet protocol address is. If you want to know about your public internet protocol address then you can browse it in the browser and it will provide your public ip address. It is based on your device and it may vary when you use the internet on a computer.  It is a set of rules for using the internet. There are few types of internet protocols such as transmission control protocol and internet protocol, user datagram protocol, file transfer protocol. It is the method that enables the computer to share its data across the internet. For example, if one computer sends an email to another computer and the information is split into packets and send it to that destination system. And those packets are fully encrypted and no one can open that message and change that message. So this is the function that internet protocol does.

What are the ways to find out the computer’s ip address?

Some people should eagerly wait to know about what is my ip address. For those people here are some ways to find out the address of your personal computer. Whenever you are using the internet with the computer then it will have your address and that address is called Internet protocol address. The first method to find out IP addresses is through the control panel. Go to the start and click the control panel option. Then select the network and internet option. In that click the network connection option and right-click on the local area connection. Now it will show your internet protocol address and your gateway address. And the second method is through the command prompt.  In this click the start button and search cmd prompt. Then click that cmd prompt and enter the respective commands. You can get those commands by searching on the internet. These are all two ways to find out your personal computer’s internet protocol address.